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7felt offers a large assortment of sustainable needle felt to upholster walls, ceilings and floors.

It is suitable for car, bus, boat or caravan. The needle felt is strong and wear-resistant, which makes it long-lasting. Our collection consists of different types of stretch needle felt, non-stretch needle felt, needle felt carpet and outdoor needle felt.

Upholstering your car or caravan

Does the upholstery of your car needs to be replaced? 7felt offers a wide variety of felt that is suitable to re-upholster your car.

  • We advise you to use Multipile or Spectropile needle felt for the floor. This felt is particularly suitable for intensive use, it is easy to clean and it is resistant to oil and chemicals.
  • We advise you to use a needle felt from the Trunkliner, Capliner or SRO collection to upholster the trunk, the walls and the ceiling. These collections are easy to upholster difficult angles, it has a luxurious feel and it is resistant to mildew and chemicals.

Upholstering your boat

7felt is also the right partner when you are looking for a new upholstery of your ship. Because of our large assortment in rot and mildew resistant needle felt, we can always supply you with a felt that suits your wishes.

  • The floor of the boat can be upholstered with Multipile or Spectropile needle felt. This is particularly suitable for intensive use and it is moisture-proof.
  • Does the wall or the ceiling of your boat need to be reupholstered? We advise you to use our Geo or Statos needle felt. These collections are especially developed for marine. It is resistant to UV, mildew and rot.

Upholstering your bus

  • The walls of a minibus can be upholstered with our Softtouch collection. This collection consists of soft needle felt with a luxurious feel. It meets various fire norms and is available in multiple colours.
  • We offer ribbed needle felt carpet for the flooring. As we have a wide range of colours, we can always supply you with a nice needle felt carpet. The carpet has a hard backing made out of rubber or granulate. The hard backing makes it easy to apply and gives your bus a luxurious appearance.

7felt needle felt

If you want to receive samples or if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.